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Our shot Protocol


It all starts with mom as soon as mom has her puppies she gets a booster!

So what's next

Then when the puppies are 2 weeks old we start with Nemex a dewormer and that helps with parasites.

So we get to 5 weeks of age and that's when we microchip and do Neopar 

And your thinking what? Why so many shots?

So at 6 weeks we start the DAPPV and repeat at 8 weeks of age  and we are building up your puppies resistance to parvo distemper.

At 7 weeks we start oral Bordetella that's kennel cough and this only needs to be done one a year and repeat only if boarding your pet.

At 6 and 8 weeks we do Panacure dewormer

So what' s the benefit in doing a protocol like this? Well it works and building your puppy up and getting him/her ready for the real world . A breeder that only does one shot is asking for trouble . Your puppies is not protected at all with just 1 dappv.

Lepto is not recommended to be done on young puppies and will not be done to one of my puppies before 4 months of age.