Trumpeter's Golden Retrievers & Clumber Spaniels

Located  Exline Iowa

(641) 895-4345

State & AKC Inspected

Welcome to Trumpeter's Check out out store for all your puppies needs !!


 I raise Golden Retriever puppies, Clumber Spaniel puppies & Golden and a few  Doodles puppies!

Email All of our dogs and puppies are equipped with air conditioning, heating, fresh clean water, soft clean dog beds, fun toys, a play area , special doggy treats, shade and sunshine, and even some good music!!!  I have a Beautiful kennel.

If you are interested in a puppy please fill out our online puppy application found under the Available Puppies tab and submit. Also we do pictures once a week, (usually Sunday) we put all updated pictures on our Facebook page (Trumpeter's Golden Retrievers and Clumber Spaniels) so you can click the F below to go there and see the updated pictures. It's just less time consuming to do it that way and everyone can get there to see photos of their new baby in a timely matter!


My hours of operation are Mon-Sat 9am-9pm. (if I don't respond immediately I will get back to you as soon as I can!) 

Not all of my dogs are in my home, although I would love it if they could be, its just not possible. But all my dogs are living in a very nice, comfortable facility! We have recently built 4 new kennel facilities .(PICS POSTED IN KENNEL PICS). ALL of our puppies are sold as pet quality, with a spay/neuter contract (unless discussed otherwise). Pictures will be posted!!! If you have any questions or would like to make an appointment to come visit a puppy don't hesitate to CALL me at 641-895-4345 (if no one answers please leave a message)  Email

Also please take in consideration when purchasing a puppy that puppies are very fragile and "MOTHER NATURE" can run her course and not all puppies may survive. However, if this does happen I will either happily replace your puppy with a new one of your choice, if I have one available, if not then you can be put on first pick of another litter. Don't forget to like our Facebook page by clicking on the Facebook icon below!

We have the right to refuse a sale at anytime !!



Detail your services

1 Year Guarantee

Vet checked


1 neopar

2 -5 ways vac

puppy starter pack 

akc papers 

Golden retrievers Prices

Males $1200

Females $1400

Golden Doodles Prices

Males $1000

Females $1200

Clumbers Prices

Males $1400

Females $1600

DEPOSITS are $200.00 please don't have me send a invoice out unless your interested !please don't  waist my time !!! It  takes time out of my already busy life to send it out 

Shipping by air and ground

I fly with your puppy


If you don't live where you can come pick up your puppy I will fly with your baby.

You pay all of my expenses.

runs around 550.00 up to 650.00

Ground transport


I offer ground transport for a fee .

per mile 

Golden Retrievers


Due to size I can not guarantee flight my puppy can be large 15 to 20 lbs at 8 weeks of age

we can make it work



My Goldendoodles are large too I cant guarantee flight with them as they also leave out at 15 to 20 lbs at 8 weeks of age.

please contact me we will make it work



Clumbers can fly I must book and have them flying out at 8 weeks of age they are a little smaller so its a guarantee I can fly with them at 8 weeks of age.