Required Vaccination Form


 Important Vaccination Documentation 

               For New Cusomters!!   

All puppies leaving here are vaccinated until the age of 11 weeks, vaccinations that are given are:

1. Neopar- 4 weeks 

2. Bordetella- 5 weeks 1 per year

3. Nobivac DAPPv- 6 weeks
4. Nobivac DAPPv- 8 weeks

5. DAPPV -11 weeks all he/she needs 6. Rabies - @ 14 weeks or older

No vaccines shall be administered of any kind before 11 weeks of age or guarantee is void/null. I don't recommend lepto or lyme.  Must see full wellness check-up exam, NO handwritten documentation will be accepted. Must be on licensed Veterinarian’s Letterhead. ( Wellness check-up MUST still be done on the puppy with 48-72 hours if getting your puppy on the weekend I over look that but needs to be done no later then Wed)  I also need to see the protocol on what you Veterinarian is going to do.

Any Veterinarian not accepting my protocol will void/null the guarantee.  Over-vaccinating is a problem, this is to ensure welfare of my puppies immune system and longevity of your puppy into adult hood.

By signing this document you are agreeing  to Trumpeter’s Golden Retrievers vaccination protocol & schedule, and that you also understand our terms and conditions.

Breeder Signature                                                            Date

Customer Signature                                                          Date

I will send a copy for you to sign & return!