How I do my shots


The way a professional does it

 Important Vaccination Documentation 

               For New Cusomters!!   

All puppies leaving here are vaccinated until the age of 11 weeks, vaccinations that are given are:

1. Neopar- 5 weeks 

2. Bordetella oral- 7 weeks  1 per year

3. Nobivac DAPPv- 6 weeks
4. Nobivac DAPPv- 8 weeks

5. DAPPV -11 weeks 

6. DAPPP- 15 weeks 

7. Rabies check with your state

No vaccines shall be administered of any kind before 11 weeks of age or guarantee is void/null. I don't recommend lepto or lyme.  Must see full wellness check-up exam, NO handwritten documentation will be accepted. Must be on licensed Veterinarian’s Letterhead. ( Wellness check-up MUST still be done on the puppy with 48-72 hours if getting your puppy on the weekend I over look that but needs to be done no later then Wed)  I also need to see the protocol on what you Veterinarian is going to do.

Any Veterinarian not accepting my protocol will void/null the guarantee.  Over-vaccinating is a problem, this is to ensure welfare of my puppies immune system and longevity of your puppy into adult hood.