How we do the things

How to become a customer.

Our process of becoming one of our life-long customers, once you contact us about a puppy you can then expect to fill out a puppy application if you haven't already. Once an application is filled out then we contact you to find out what puppy your interested, you can then choose to place deposit on  an available puppy.  Some people don't want to pick from a picture or video which is totally understandable, however we don't allow visits until the puppies are at least 5-6 weeks of age this is for the puppies protection.  We have no problem letting you come pick out a puppy in  person just know we won't hold a puppy until deposit is placed so that way we are fair to anyone who is willing to pick from pictures or videos. 

  Mom and Dad visits are only allowed with prearranged visits and we only allow visits if mom or dad isn't breeding and available for visits. The safety of our puppies and adult dogs is first priority, if that means you don't want to buy a puppy from us because you can't visit mom or dad that day we apologize but then you aren't the right customer for our puppies. Our dogs are our family and we care and love each and every one of them. We understand that our customers would like to see where our puppies and dogs are raised, due to the Puppy Mill status that breeders get,  but for the safety of ourselves and our dogs and puppies we are a disease control facility and we don't allow kennel walk through anymore.  We offer videos, pictures and live camera footage to show you when you come to visit of all of our facilities inside and out and our dogs and puppies. We want you to feel comfortable getting a puppy from us and know we take extraordinary care of our dogs here. We appreciate you as a customer understanding our major concern for our dogs and puppies safety that is very important to us. 
If you want to pick a puppy from their personality we totally understand that however we can't guarantee we will have any puppies at 8 weeks or older to pick from but you are more than welcome to wait and see what we have left available. Our puppies all have great personalities and are happy, fun and love to play. check this link out for information on puppy personality.

 Once you place a deposit on a puppy with us we will update you every other week on your puppy with a picture or video, now remember to have such great healthy puppies it takes time to care for each dog and puppy we have therefore, as much as we want to we can't do pictures everyday. We will update pictures on the website you may look on there for any updated pictures.  

2 weeks prior to pick up we will arrange time and date for pick ups, we prefer no night meetings especially during the week as I have a family of my own that I also have to take care of (exceptions can be made ahead of time depending on my schedule) 

 When it is approaching pick up date and we've set the time please stick to your time, no more than 15 mins early or late as we do have other customers to be courteous of. I will give directions prior to pick-up remember GPS isn't always correct and doesn't always know the fastest route, I will give you the best directions to get to my house from the area you are coming from if you choose to not follow my directions and happen to get lost and run late you may have to wait to pick up your puppy if someone else's appointment comes up before you a get here as our office isn't big enough for multiple customers and we want to respect each customer and their potential puppy questions.  

Also we do offer puppy kits and supplies in my office.  Also no need to pre print paperwork I will have it all ready for you in a folder to go over when you pick up our puppy. I will also have a sample of the food your puppy has been on a well. 
Remember we don't accept personal check and our credit card machine doesn't always work so please discuss final payment option with me before pick up.   

Make sure to get a Veterinarian Exam setup before you get your puppy picked up. 

If you have any questions you can always ask me when you pick up your puppy and I will gladly go over anything with you. 

  If you have any questions regarding anything feel free to call me at anytime to discuss anything above.