Guarantee Spay & Neuter Contract



Trumpeters Golden Retrievers and Clumber Spaniels  

Health Guarantee/Purchase Agreement 

Teri Campbell


All puppies purchased must be taken to the Buyer’s veterinarian within the first 72 hrs after receiving the puppy. Proof must be provided with 14 days by mail or email NO phone photo copies will be accepted. If this is not done, the health guarantee is void/null and buyer assumes full responsibility. This puppy is sold as pet quality only; no guarantee is made as to size, color, and disposition, conformation, working ability or breeding ability. This guarantee is not covered by accidental injury. 

 It is expected that the Buyer will have yearly exams for the puppy including heartworm detection, fecal examinations, and all vaccinations required by your veterinarian.  This guarantee shall become null and void if the puppy is given any vaccinations before the 11 weeks as stated below. Seller guarantees this puppy to be free of all Communicable Disease for a period of 7 days after buyer takes physical possession of the puppy. The contract shall become null and void if puppy is taken to a Banfield Pet Hospital, no exceptions. Get references and do your research when looking for first vet. 

This guarantee is 1-2 year genetic health guarantee we do offer a two year health guarantee only if your puppy remains on daily NuVet K9 Vitamins for the first 2 years of their life. If for anytime the puppy doesn’t stay on them daily up to 2 years of age then the 2 year guarantee is void and you will only receive the one year health guarantee from birth. 

Initial below if you opt out of the 2 year health guarantee:_X__________

It should be noted that diarrhea is coming among puppies that have been moved to a new home environment. It is buyer’s responsibility to see that the puppy gets their required worming, vaccinations, and health checks after purchase and possession of the puppy. 

Vaccination Policy

All puppies leaving here are vaccinated until age of 11 weeks, NO vaccines shall be administered of any kind before 11 weeks of age or guarantee is void/null. We must have the wellness exam form in order for you to receive the health guarantee. Also no Corona, Lepto or Lyme  until 15 weeks and never to be given in a combo shot or all at one or it could void the guarantee. Over-vaccination is a big  problem X._________________ 

Re-home of the dog/puppy 

The purchaser agrees that if at any stage in the dog/puppy’s life, the buyer needs to re-home the dog/puppy the Breeder will be the first to be notified. If the breeder requests the dog to be returned then the Buyer must do so or Breeder had full right to come get the puppy/dog. We do not want our dogs/puppies ending up in shelters. You are always welcome to bring puppy/dog back to us anytime. Money will not be reimbursed if this is done. 

Spay/Neuter Policy


If purchasing this puppy as PET ONLY as spay/neuter contract is required. We require no puppy to be spayed or neutered until at No earlier than 18 - 24 months of age , if this is done earlier than it voids the health guarantee. Failure to comply with this agreement by 24 months of age will be considered breach of contract and the purchaser will transport this dog back to Trumpeter Golden Retrievers and will not be entitled to a refund.

COVERED by our Health Guarantee:

Heart Murmurs: 

Heart Murmur should be diagnosed during the initial veterinarian exam. Heart murmurs can occurs for many reasons and usually do not affect the pets quality of life, any other heart murmur that is diagnosed after the initial vet exam must be affecting the day to day life of the puppy to require daily medication to qualify for replacement puppy or half money back,. 

Kidney, Liver, Heart:

If within the first year of the puppies life, it is found to have a life-threatening heart, liver, or kidney congenital defect send a detailed letter of explanation from our licensed veterinarian as to the nature of the defect Breeder must be notified at once at the onset of problem,. Breeder’s veterinarian will interpret the report and if she/he concurs, then the replacement puppy will be given. No refund, in part or in full will be given. The owner will then qualify for one becomes available which could be up to 2 years. 

Hip Dysplasia is guaranteed for the first year of dog/puppy life x-rays need to be done and looked over by my vet as well.

NOT COVERED in our Health Guarantee:

Testicles on male puppies are not guaranteed. Customer will be notified prior to delivery if 1 or both testicles are not present. Puppy is sold as a pet. 

Vaccination Deaths: 

The breeder is not responsibly for any deaths or life-long defects caused by vaccinations given by your vet including but not limited too: Lyme’s, Corona, Lepto, Dhppvlc, Dhppv, Bordetella, rabies, ECT. 

Anesthetic Deaths:

Anytime and animal undergoes anesthesia the owner and the Veterinarian assumes liability. Many times anesthetic deaths go without specific diagnosis due to may variable that are involved. Therefore, it can’t be covered.

Behavioral Problems:

Behavioral issues are extremely complex in nature with many factors influencing the overall behavior of the pet. The main influence of the behavior is the home environment and the owners. The breeder is not liable for behavior problems.

Worms & Parasites:

Every effort will be made to ensure that non are present in the new puppy. However, due to life stages of these hosts I cannot guarantee there will never be any present in your new puppy. This host can include worms, coccidian and Guardia. These can be brought on due to a move, stress, change in diet, too much handling and not enough rest time, not eating properly. These conditions are treatable therefore, not covered in our guarantee. 

Ear Mites & Ear Infections:

Every effort will be made to ensure that none are present in the new puppy, Due to the life-stages of this host we can’t always prevent all of them from coming back. Therefore, these are not covered in our health guarantee. 

Colds & influenza: 

The puppy will have a Vet examination before transporting. I can’t guarantee against what the puppy may contract in ground transporting. Therefore, it isn’t covered

Minor Defects: 

Minor defects that are little of consequence for the puppy’s health are not covered such as but not limited too, under bite, over bite, umbilical or inguinal hernias, or Entropion in the eye. 


Cancer is not covered in our guarantee as we can not prevent it  But I can give you some tools to maybe help if you use them correctly .

Dog Crates:

If you pick-up your puppy we highly recommend that you have a dog crate for your puppy for the ride home, if you don’t wish to have your puppy ride in a dog crate and something happens to your puppy on the way home we are not responsible.

Replacement puppy Protocol:

In order for us the breeder to replace a puppy due to genetic health issues the puppy must have received adequate worming, and vaccinations necessary for its protection up to the Breeder’s Veterinarians recommendation. Guarantee is void if Veterinarian exam is not done in the given time. If the puppy is found to have a health problem at its initial vet exam and the buyer opts to treat the puppy instead the breeder is not responsible for any expenses incurred or for the death of the puppy. This guarantee does not include any illness due to ingestion of foreign objects, food, chemicals, or physical injury. This guarantee is void in the event of an indeterminable or inconclusive diagnosis and if the puppy has not been kept current on worming, vaccinations, and vet visits. Proof off ALL Veterinarian records must be provided when claim is made. Upon death a full Necropsy must be performed before action is taken for replacement puppy. If puppy has defect that  

is covered, puppy and all records must be sent back in order to receive a replacement puppy and all steps must be followed. 

Surgical intervention to resolve any life-threaten covered medical defects under the following conditions. All needed surgery will only be performed following consultation with my veterinarian who will determine whether he or an associate would normally perform the needed procedure or if the procedure is even needed. Should a surgery be required and agreed to by the consulting veterinarians I will pay up to 50% only of the total purchase price of the puppy or 50% of the surgical cost, whichever is the lesser amount. This is a ONE-TIME occurrence. Once this is done there guarantee is void after the surgery. 

Animal Abuse:

At anytime any Puppy/Dog that come from me has been reported in any case of animal Abuse or I suspect  abuse or neglect I have the right to come take the dog or puppy back.

This agreement is legal and binding entered in the State of Iowa, County of Appanoose. Permanent ownership of this dog is contingent upon your full compliance with this Addendum.

By signing this below you agree that you have read and fully understand our purchase contact and health guarantee policies and all information regarding your puppy, and their health has been disclosed with you.



Spay & Neuter Contract for A Pet Puppy 

This agreement is legal and binding. If purchasing a puppy as "pet only you will be required to have your puppy spayed/neutered before any registration papers are received by the purchaser. AKC papers on dog or puppy will be withheld until notification of altering of the animal is received and verified. On non-registered (designer breeds) the health guarantee will be voided if spay/neuter vet signed papers are not returned.

Permanent ownership of this dog is contingent upon your compliance with this Addendum. Proof of the spay/neuter must be received by the (PURCHASER'S NAME) within fourteen (14) days after the surgery. In the event that the dog’s health does not allow this agreement to be honored, Trumpeter’s Golden Retrievers must be provided with a statement from your veterinarian that this dog is not yet in physical or emotional condition for surgery. Based upon the veterinarian’s evaluation of this dog the (purchaser) will contact the veterinarian and establish the earliest date that the procedure can be performed. (PURCHASER) will notify the BREEDER of this amendment in writing, at which time all other conditions of this agreement will apply and be enforced. 

This is the responsibility of the PURCHASER, not the veterinarian, to ensure that Trumpeter’s Golden Retrievers has received verification that the surgery has been performed. Failure to comply with this agreement by the date below, unless otherwise agreed to in writing, will be considered a breach of the Contract, and PURCHASER will transport this dog back to Trumpeter’s Golden Retrievers and will not be entitled to a refund. 

By my signature below, I agree to have this dog spayed/neutered not before 18 months or guarantee is void.  And I understand that this spay/neuter agreement is an agreement that this dog will not produce a litter of puppies either as purposely bred or by accidental breeding. I also agree that should puppy not be altered that I will return said puppy back to Trumpeter’s Golden Retrievers with no refund.