Candy and her kennel

Ace her stud

Phoenix has puppies 9/14/2019

Phoenix has puppies 9/14/2019


Ace is clear on everything

Phoenix has puppies 9/14/2019

Phoenix has puppies 9/14/2019

Phoenix has puppies 9/14/2019


Phoenix is clear on everything

Zena Has puppies 9/18/2019

Phoenix has puppies 9/14/2019

Zena Has puppies 9/18/2019


Zena is clear on everything


Zeus up and coming stud

Zena Has puppies 9/18/2019


Clear on everything 

1 copy ich


Zeus up and coming stud

Zeus up and coming stud


Clear on everything 

1 copy ich

Zeus up and coming stud

Zeus up and coming stud

Zeus up and coming stud


Clear on everything hips are good

Taking deposits now for winter litters


Brees and Ace due mid November

Males $1200

Females $1400

Deposit 200$

Hello from Candy & CD Goldens,

  When buying from Trumpeter's sometimes Teri will say those are Candy's

litter.  Teri and I have had a long dog business relationship and it has

grown to a friendship/partnership.

  I have been raising Golden Retrievers since 2004.  CD Goldens follows

the same vaccine/worming protocol as Trumpeters.  Teri micro chips and

photographs my puppies for me.  I honor the same health

guarantee/purchase contract and our puppy packets/paperwork is the same.

 Teri and I share the same philosophy of providing families with high

quality golden retriever puppies.  This can be seen as we have several

dams/sires from the same lines.

  Yes the puppies and parents are here at my home (not Teri's) in

Missouri.  You would need to come here for meet/greet and/or pickup.  

Teri is located a stones throw from the Missouri line and I am a stones

throw from the Iowa line so if additional distance is a concern I am

only about 20 minutes from her.  I built a new facility in 2018 after

the convincing from Dwayne.  I had went through a divorce several years

ago and almost quit breeding. When Dwayne and I got together he realized

how much I missed having my goldens with me.  I turned him into a

lifetime golden lover and he refers to the adults as "our children" and

the puppies as the rugrats.

  Teri and I met shortly after I started breeding as I used her for

transporting the puppies to their new home.

  I soon found that most people are shopping/browsing with lots of

questions during the daytime.  As I work full time at the local bank it

was difficult for me to give the people the full attention they deserved

to make the decision about buying a new "furball".  I also discovered

puppy picture taking was not a strong quality of mine.  Teri agreed to

take the pictures and advertise my puppies for me.

  Teri and I work together and depend on each other to continually

strive to provide better quality puppies.  We constantly use the other

for a sounding board. Thanks for your interest and taking the time to

view my page!  Candy